CADAAD Journal is the official journal of the Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis across Disciplines network (CADAAD). This peer-reviewed journal focuses on the critical study of discourse across disciplines. Its primary aim is to publish original research which highlights, develops or challenges approaches and methods for understanding the role of discourse in constructing, sustaining and changing social practices, identities and relations. The journal is fully open access.

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Bertie Kaal, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Lise-Lotte Holmgreen, Aalborg University, Denmark
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Alessia Tranchese, University of Portsmouth, UK
Helen Ringrow, University of Portsmouth, UK
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Steve Strudwick, Lancaster University, UK

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New Articles:

Shame and Pride in the Delegitimization and Relegitimization of Air Travel
| Vol 13(2): 63-83 | Anders Björkvall & Gustav Westberg | Published: 02/11/21


“Chinese Dream” as a Political Brand: A Corpus-assisted Analysis from Presidential Speeches to Media Representations
| Vol 13(2): 41-62 | Junchen Zhang | Published: 25/10/21


Is Obesity Just a Health Issue? Metaphorical Framings of Obesity in the People’s Daily
| Vol 13(2): 18-40 | Xiang Huang & Mario Bisiada | Published: 25/08/21


Hate Speech and the Expression of Stereotypes as Products of Social Cognition in Nigeria
| Vol 13(2): 1-17 | Abayomi O. Ayansola | Published: 03/03/21


Goatly, A., & Hiradhar, P. (2016). Critical Reading and Writing in the Digital Age: An Introductory Coursebook
| Vol 13: BkRv1 | Eleonora Esposito | Published: 04/03/21


Murphy, J. (2019). The Discursive Construction of Blame: The Language of Public Inquiries
| Vol 13: BkRv2 | Matthew Voice | Published: 04/03/21


Friginal, E. (ed.) (2018). Studies in Corpus-Based Sociolinguistics
| Vol 13: BkRv3 | Robert Lawson | Published: 04/03/21

Latest Issue:

Volume 12(1) 2020

‘History’s Silent?’: The Self-Advertising of Chinese Universities
| Pages 1-19 | Youfei Tian


The Use of the Well-Preface by Police Officers during Sequences of Suspect Resistance in Interviews
| Pages 20-36 | Joanna Garbutt


A Critical Metaphor Analysis of Heroic Myth in the Discourse of Kwame Nkrumah

| Pages 37-53 | Mark Nartey

Mapping the October Revolution Memoryscapes in Italy’s Intellectual Discourses: A Critical Discourse Analytic Approach

| Page 54-86 | Federico Giulio Sicurella, Monica Colombo, Fabio Quassoli, Mia Juricic


As Good as the Men? A Corpus Analysis of Evaluation in News Articles about Professional Female Athletes Competing in Masculine Sports

| Page 87-111 | Melissa Kemble


Book Review: Weth, C. and Juffermans, K. (eds.) (2018). The Tyranny of Writing: Ideologies of the Written Word.

| Page 112-115 | Mark Wyatt

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